Other projects that link gender and citizenship

FEMCIT – Gendered citizenship in multicultural Europe: the impact of contemporary women’s movements

CAHRV – Coordination action on human rights violations

Projects that have a part on gender and citizenship

RECON – Reconstituting democracy in Europe

Other projects that focus on active democracy and/or diversity and the multicultural

MIG@NET – Transnational digital networks, migration and gender

DEMOS - Democracy in Europe and the mobilisation of society

PAGANINI – Participatory governance and institutional innovation

EMILIE – A European approach to multicultural citizenship: legal, political and educational challenges

EUROSPHERE – Diversity and the European public sphere: towards a citizens’ Europe

VEIL – Values, equality and differences in liberal democracies (including a large annotated bibliography)

Completed projects under FP5

MAGEEQ – Policy frames and implementation problems: The case of gender mainstreaming

In the MAGEEQ project, six of the partners of QUING worked together, and developed and applied Critical Frame Analysis as a method for qualitative comparative analysis.

EGG – Enlargement, gender and governance

EQUAPOL – Gender-sensitive and women-friendly public policies: a comparative analysis of their progress and impact

WELLKNOW – From welfare to knowfare. A European approach to employment and gender mainstreaming in the knowledge based society