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Leadership: Marķa Bustelo and Mieke Verloo

The OPERA activity was designed to translate the knowledge generated in the previous activities into methods that can improve the quality of gender+ equality polices and gender mainstreaming. Despite the growth and success of gender studies in Europe, there is still a problem with the transfer of knowledge between academia on the one hand and policy-makers and politicians on the other. It is a well-known problem that academics find it hard to attract policy-makers to their audiences. This has a negative impact on the quality of gender+ equality policies.

OPERA aimed at transferring knowledge directly into the field, through the use of training. The method of training is one of the most rapidly expanding methods of gender mainstreaming. Following Swedish examples, many political entities, bureaucracies, and organisations hire experts to give gender training, often to the highest levels of their institution. Such training can involve the transfer of knowledge on gender relations in a certain context, on gender mainstreaming and gender mainstreaming tools, and on laws and regulations in connexion with gender relations. In the context of OPERA, material on gender training curricula was discussed in expert meetings, thus generating new ideas. The experience with gathering information about gender trainers and gender training in the whole of Europe showed that there was great interest in this activity. As a result of OPERA, standards for gender+ expertise were developed in a way that takes into account the intersection of gender with other inequalities as well as the participation of civil society. What is more, a set of trained trainers and a training manual were produced. The European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) has assumed responsibility for maintaining and updating these standards beyond the duration of the QUING project.

The final OPERA report can be downloaded here.

Results of the OPERA survey: download

Report on gender training in all countries: download

Conceptual framework of inclusive equality policies, including good practices: download

Manual for gender trainers: download

Monitoring and evaluation protocol for the training of trainers: download