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QUING integrates five activities

LARG a comparative analysis of differences, similarities and inconsistencies in the field of gender+ equality between the EU and its member states. It provided a systematic overview of these policies in terms of their design and content, devoting particular attention to the voice and standing given to civil society. Moreover, it developed a methodology that combines Frame Analysis with an innovative Voice Analysis.
WHY explains similarities, differences and inconsistencies that are present in gender+ equality policies across the EU and its member states (as analysed by LARG), giving special attention to differences in civil-society interfaces.
STRIQ a study on how intersectionality is currently dealt with in gender+ equality policies across the European Union and its member states, including the study of occurrences of intersectional bias.
FRAGEN the construction of a database of gender+ equality frames that originate in feminist movements in Europe, leading to an open database.
OPERA the integration of knowledge on gender, intersectionality and European gender equality policies into operational standards for gender+ training, including the training of trainers.


Interrelationship of QUING activities
Interrelationship of QUING activities